The Car Wash Crew. Providing you exterior car grooming at the ease of your car park lot,

for as low as $4.75
Only at selected condominiums
& HDB car parks

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Our Services

The Car Wash Crew provides car washing services for residents at selected condominiums and HDB apartments in Singapore. Our mantra is hassle - free & quality. As a customer of TCWC, you just have to drive you vehicle and park it at your residential car park and consider your car washed. Our crew will locate your vehicle after you have parked and wash your car. You can select the frequency of car washes to up to 3 times per week. Our service is seamless to a point where it is almost effortless on your side yet you enjoy the results.

Your Convenience

Park your car at your residential car park as you do always, and we will wash your car on the scheduled date. A clean car throughout

New Cloth

For every car we wash, we change the cloth used to a new one. Unlike regular car wash companies that uses the same cloth over and over. Say no to swirl marks that damages your paint.


We do not use the traditional 2 bucket car wash system. Instead, we adopt pressure washing that ensures better quality. Targetting areas beyond reach


View & Track your car washing status and invoices online through your account. Full transparency

Automated Payment

After your first month of free car wash, you can tap on our automated payment service through our HIGHLY SECURE payment process. Never worry about missed car wash sessions anymore.

Free Gifts

Stand a chance to win TCWC car fresheners, tissues boxes every month when you become our gold member. To be a gold member, simply change your mode of payment to automated card payment.


Being a member with TCWC has perks. We have planned out a whole lot of promotions only for our members.

Free Car Wash

Your first month of car wash is free if you sign up with us.


We believe in technology and automation. We strive to make looking after your car(s) simpler for you.

Register with us here and geT 1 month free car wash

1 month of car washing for free. 2 sessions a week. Car wash will commence on the next scheduled date.

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How it Works

Our service is very straight forward and easy. We will walk you through on what to expect and how to go about with TCWC.

Register online or through our crew in person and get one month of free car wash. 2 sessions per week.
If you are pleased with our service, select your preferred frequency 1 day / 2 days 3 days per week.To become a gold member, make your payment preference to credit card payment.
If you wish to make payment via cash or bank transfer, auto reminder sms will be sent to you for payment reminders to avoid and missed session.
Track your car wash sessions and payment invoices as often as you wish online, through your account.




Package - basic

1 car washes a week

$11.25 per car wash

Available days : Wed / Sun

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Package - standard

2 car washes a week

$6.25 per car wash

Available days : Tue & Fri / Thu & Sun

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Package - premium

3 car washes a week

$5 per car wash

Available days : Mon,Wed,Fri / Tue,Thu,Sun

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